Welcome to reproductive cancer awareness team Ghana

Reproductive Cancer Awareness Team Ghana(ReProCan Ambassadors Gh) is an NGO that support and create awareness on cancers that affect the reproductive(SEX organs eg Prostate Cancer,Cervical cancer,Breast Cancers,Ovarian Cancer, we do free health screening


REPRODUCTIVE CANCER AWARENESS TEAM GHANA (ReProCan Ambassadors GH) Is a health awareness and Non Governmental Organization(NGO) form to create awareness, undertake free health screening and support people in order to prevent,limit the occurrence of Reproductive Cancers and to help survivors live a longer live …WE VISIT SCHOOLS,CHURCHES AND COMMUNITIES TO CREATE AWARENESS AND ORGANIZE FREE HEALTH SCREENING ON REPRODUCTIVE CANCERS… You Can Invite Us to your church,office,school to give free education and health screening, email us at letfightcancers@gmail.com , twitter Reprocan Ambassadors or reprocanghana


Main Goal

To reduce the high prevalence rate of reproductive cancers among men, women, children and the youth across the country and beyond.


To implement sustainable preventive measures against reproductive cancers which should be easily understood and accessible now and for the future generation.


To create awareness on reproductive cancer and support people living with reproductive cancer